Visit Maulbronn and an exhibition

04.11.2020, 17:14 von Nicole Häbich

Die 10b besuchte Ende September das Kloster und die Ausstellung zum Grundgesetz in Maulbronn. Amir Shabani aus der 10b hat in der Klassenarbeit in Englisch einen Text dazu geschrieben. Er schrieb folgendes:

Hi, my name is Amir and I am going to tell you about my last school trip.

We visited the monstery in Maulbronn. In the monastery it was very silent and interesting. The inside was so cool but at the same time it was kind of creepy.

After visiting the monastery, we had time to walk around the city for about fifty minutes. My friends and I were walking around Maulbronn without knowing our destination. It even came to the point that we thought about calling someone for help. After a long time of helplessness we found our way back despite of being a bit late.

We had a little talk before heading into the exhibition about the German monastery. In the exhibition we were talking about typical German things.

After that a woman started the real exhibition. We walked through it and it was amazing!

That was the description of my school trip. I hope you liked it!